PVD stands for Physical Vapour Deposition

All very technical sounding, but basically it means a thin coating or film is applied to the solid metal base. The coating is invisible and so does not change the look and feel of the metal, but creates an incredibly hardwearing finish. A perfect solution therefore for high quality door furniture and architectural ironmongery.

There are major advantages in specifying your door handles and hardware with a PVD coating. The finish remains as good as it looked when you first opened the box! PVD Door Handles are sometimes referred to as Stainless Brass or Everbrite, referencing the long lasting nature of this quality finish.

No special cleaning is required for PVD Door Handles. They are maintenance free and will simply require a gentle wipe over periodically with a warm soapy cloth and then dried.

PVD Door Furniture is particularly useful when fitting items externally. When fitted outside brass and metal door handles are exposed to the elements and weather, and over time this will cause the finish to deteriorate. This is especially the case with standard lacquered brass, or plated metal finishes.

PVD Door Hardware is the perfect choice to fit outside as it can easily with stand the moisture and acidic elements in the atmosphere. It is an excellent choice for coastal areas, as PVD Door Furniture can even withstand the salty sea air, which rapidly corrodes other metal finishes.

All Alexander & Wilks PVD products come with a 25-year finish guarantee.