Alexander and Wilks Round T-Bar Cupboard Pull Handle

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The Alexander and Wilks Round T-Bar Cabinet Pulls have a clean and contemporary cylindrical bar design perfect for finishing touches on cabinets, wardrobes, and kitchen door handles.

The premium-designed product looks sleek and stylish on modern furniture as the pull handle connects effortlessly to the backplates that are tail fitted with screw fixings. The high-quality brass handle pairs well with the Waltz Round Cupboard Knob and the Hanover Plain Cupboard Knob.

These solid brass handles come in a variation of finishes; antique brass, dark bronze, polished nickel, satin brass, and satin nickel. They are available in three centre sizes, 128mm, 160mm, and 192mm.

Alexander & Wilks represents the very best of British designed architectural hardware and ironmongery. Using both time-honoured craftsmen's skills, combined with the latest computer-aided precision manufacturing, results in a collection of beautifully made items with flawless results.

Supplied in SINGLES complete with fixings.


Centres 128mm

Centres - 128mm 

Overall Length - 164mm 

Diameter - 12.5mm 


Centres 160mm

Centres -160mm 

Overall Length - 196mm 

Diameter - 12.5mm


Centres 192mm

Centres - 192mm 

Overall Length - 228mm 

Diameter - 12.5mm 


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